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Pencil on Paper Studio is a full-service Brand Engineering agency with a focus on fashion and retail concepts. Offering turnkey design services which connect the dots between vision, voice, product and experience for many of the leading brands in the global marketplace. Always telling true stories through design, POP’s mission is to inspire, create and collaborate on original and distinct concepts.


Currently Telling
Stories With…

  • Coast-Wide
  • 1670 Hudson’s Bay Company
  • Le Tigre
  • Lido Marina Village
  • M.Nii
  • Nordstrom
  • Pacific City
  • Ron Herman

Past Clients

  • Beverly Hills Country Club
  • Cherokee
  • Ella Moss
  • G/Fore
  • Greenfin
  • Industry of All Nations
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Lucky Brand
  • Mexx
  • Modern Amusement
  • Mountain Khakis
  • Quiksilver Womens
  • Pepsi
  • Sears
  • Shape Magazine
  • Splendid
  • V.S.T.R.
  • Zero Motorcycles

POP Sales


Pencil on Paper Studio (The POP Studio) has hired Matty Moeck, veteran sales guru, to create an innovative sales platform integrating the POP Studio’s brand engineering capabilities with Matty’s 15 years of experience selling brands such as Stussy, RVCA, EVER and most recently NSF to leading retailers globally. In less than four years, The POP Studio has become the leading creative agency for brands looking to connect the dots between vision, product design, marketing and the consumer. The impressive roster includes a diverse list of clients and retailers such as Splendid, Ella Moss, Ron Herman, the Hudson’s Bay Company, Sonima and Nordstrom. In addition, The POP Studio owns and operates proprietary brands M.Nii & Coast-Wide, so the natural next step to round out their holistic offerings is a built-in sales  practice.

Effective immediately, Matty will direct sales for 1670 HBC, M.Nii and Coast-Wide. “I’m all about a hands on approach with the great retailers I have the pleasure of working with,” says Moeck. “The best relationships are cultivated through years of understanding the retailer’s needs, and ensuring that the brands I place with them are the right match for their intrinsic story and consumer base. Ultimately, the product, marketing and press will ensure success, but I will do everything I can to ensure that the brand / retailer / consumer relationship is mutually beneficial.”

In a digital era, where virtual look-books are sent by the thousands to buyers and editors, Moeck still believes in the fundamental idea that spending time with retailers, and building on those relationships through regular one-on-one meetings, is the crucial. “Importance is placed on identifying correct opportunities for each retailer and brand, while developing lasting, mutually beneficial, relationships. Ultimately, it’s about placing great brands in the correct environments and letting the brand do its thing.”

John Moore, the POP Studio’s President and Creative Director, feels that Moeck is the perfect compliment to the studio’s robust creative and strategic offerings. “When we launched the POP studio, we aimed to destroy the power point presentation in exchange for tactile, all-senses design and marketing for brands big and small. Now that we have some momentum, Matty is the ideal connection between our clients, our proprietary brands and the marketplace.” Moeck and Moore spend countless hours each week sitting in the same office strategizing how to maximize their brand’s full-potential. “Matty has full access to all of the studios capabilities,” says Moore. These capabilities include conceptualizing seasonal and brand launches, product design and development, global sourcing, managing collaborations, retail design, marketing, web design and an art department generating campaigns, print, pattern and graphics for the leading brands in fashion and consumer goods. “Our approach is holistic…we want to be a one-stop shop connecting the dots between the vision, the product, the environment, and the consumer.”

Under Moeck’s direction, the POP Studio will “officially do away with the need for seasonal sales meetings,” says Moore. “We are story tellers at POP, and when it comes to telling stories through sales, there is no one better than Matty. He’s sitting at the design table with us and our brands from day one, so when it comes time to take the brands to market, Matty has been engrained into the process. He knows each collection as well as the designer does.” Moeck went on to say, “I’m sitting with my brands everyday working with them on all aspects of their process so this new business model with the POP Studio is a natural fit.”

Good News

M.Nii Shared Stories


In 1948, M.Nii gave rise to true surf style in a little tailor shop on the westside of Oahu bringing mid-century watermen like Greg Noll and Fred Hemmings together with luminaries of the time like J.F.K. and John Wayne. It was for a common love of the spirit of Aloha, the thrill of the ride, and a custom pair of M.Nii trunks became a symbol of this shared culture.

Today, in this same spirit, these stories are passed down through the generations, to fuel our imagination and ignite a desire to create modern stories of our own. In this first installment of “Shared Stories,” we ride along for a day in the life of two good friends, Chris Gentile & Chris Mosier as they leave their NY neighborhoods of the L.E.S. and Williamsburg and search for an Autumn wave in Long Island on October 9th, 2013.

A Groovy Nightmare!


A huge thank you to all of the artists who contributed to “A Nightmare on Helms St.” this past Friday including Camilla Taylor, Meara McDonald, Kevin Butler, Scott Valenzuela, Brittney Carpenter, Melanie Nissen, Mike Paré, Kimi Lewis, Mike McMullen, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Niki Tsukamoto, Erik Ian, Nat McCall, Liam Fox O’Brien, Ken Seeno, Mike Lohr, Jenny Le, Christi Jay, Geoff McFetridge, Elisa Richardson, Katsuo Design, Kyler Martz, Richard Howarth, Sixx, Oliver Kish, Mike Pargas, Cliff Tran, Cheryl Humphreys, Chris Tuyay, Juan Mas, Haley Ann, Ty Williams, Alisha Amirkhanian, Mason St. Peter, Simone Drucker, Natalya Sariashvili, Maureen Regalado, John Smart, Diana Garcia, Michael Abe, Carly Cozza, Faith Nixon, Justin Smith, Ariel Gold, Dane Peterson, Eric Pieper, Jamie Brisick, Melinda Keough, Jim Hines, Dimitri Newman and Ann Gordon!!!


The turn out was unreal and we’re still tallying up the total sales and dollars raised for the Spirit of Children foundation. Check back for info and show photos that we will post on our POPgallery page in the coming days. Huge thanks to Mike McMullen and Cheryl Humphreys for coordinating all the nightmarish efforts on this show and LOVEFINGERS for spinning the evenings ghoulishly groovy soundtrack!!!

Amongst Giants…


We took a trip up to the Bay area earlier this year to capture images for Ron Herman’s newest concept shop in Yokohama Japan, called RHC.  We traveled around from Sausalito to Muir Woods and back across the Golden Gate bridge to Ocean Beach capturing beautiful Northern California moments along the way.   We shot this campaign with constant collaborator and good friend Lauren Ross and when we opened up the new issue of Safari magazine (Japan),  look what we found gracing the opening spread just before Louis Vuitton & Dolce Gabana… looking skyward in the enchanted forest!


2nd Annual: A Nightmare On Helms St.


Horror Hungry Humans,

The time has come again to resurrect those putrid pens & pencils and settle back your bones for the 2nd annual NIGHTMARE ON HELMS ST at The POPgallery. Conjure up your most grotesque, skin-pimpling piece for this year’s oozy opening and help us raise some dead presidents for our favorite holiday charity The Spirit of Children! So, chop chop, and get to it, we’ve been dying to put on a show for you.

-Eve of the Opening: October 25 2013
-Dawn of the Deadline: Submissions due to our cozy crypt @ 3505 Helms Ave. Culver City, CA 90232 on
 Tuesday October 22.
(Be sure to make your piece a killer one, the final edit for gallery curation will be Tuesday evening the 22nd and you don’t want to find yourself on the chopping block)
-To submit (maximum of 2 pieces please) or for more info, you can stalk Mr. McMullen at mikem@thepopstudio.com.
-Artwork must be no larger than 22 x 30 inches
(and we LOVE a good deadtime story too, so writers don’t run away in fear)

All proceeds will go to THE SPIRIT OF CHILDREN (a charity committed to making hospitals less scary for kids), who thanks to last year’s show received over $3,000 from POPgallery.

So join us again, if you dare, for a night of vicious visuals and deadly drinks.

Sleep tight, if you can…


-The Graveyard Shift


Coast-Wide.com is LIVE!!!

C-1We officially flipped the “ON SWITCH” this morning, and Coast-Wide.com is currently servicing your deepest digital desires, and you can find our first shirts at General Store (SF & Venice), Ron Herman (Globally), Mohawk General Store (LA), Journal Standard (Japan), Garb Store (London), and Pilgrim Surf + Supply (Brooklyn & Amagansett). Without these fine shops, this cosmic dream would not be a reality. Please support them and buy USA made!!! You can follow us on instagram @Coast_Wide and check out the hashtag #CoastWideChambray…


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3505 Helms
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 558 2080

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10441 Jefferson Blvd. Suite 100
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